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Belle vie de chien is an  obedience school for dog owners.  This school provides information on canine psychology, positive reinforcement, and of course; treats and rewards for your dogs.


Patience, perseverance and consistency are essential when training your dog.  This document will give you information regarding the training courses available.  We want to give you the opportunity to communicate with the proper approach, so you can enjoy your dog. People should learn to “speak dog” to better understand and communicate with their animal, and establish a good leadership.


Dogs do talk to us in many ways, so we have to try to understand them in order to establish a good relationship. They have needs like us for physical activity, as well as intellectual activity, they thrive for encouragement and the joy of sharing some good times with their human friend.


Offer your dog the opportunity to live a long, happy, balanced and relaxed life.

A healthy minded dog is a happy dog!


Services offered :


Puppy class (Dog psychology, potty-training, calming signals, socialization, play and command such as sit, come, down)

Obedience classes : Primary, Intermediate, Advance (in small groups)

Clicker classes (Target, Tricks and Freestyles)


Private courses at home or at the school

Behaviour therapy (Barking, growling, aggressiveness, and anxiety)